Tweak-7 1.0.1155: Tweak hundreds of hidden features of Windows 7

Tweak-7 1.0.1155

Tweak-7 offers hundreds of Registry tweaks, intelligent system and Registry cleaners, an auto-optimizer that adds stability and speed, and a battery of settings that you can adjust to maximize the safety and security of your computer system. Tweak-7 is built on the proven technology of Totalidea`s earlier tweaking applications for Windows XP and Vista. Tweak-7 includes the full range of performance tweaks and optimizations that you would expect in

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Windows Vista Tweaker 2.13: Vista Tweaker is a free power tool to tweak and optimize your Windows Vista OS

Windows Vista Tweaker 2.13

xpected to be released soon like Japanese, Chinese and Russian. Extra tweaks The new Vista Tweaker has over 10 tweaks extra. With already over 50 tweaks in the previous version of Vista Tweaker that makes the tool one of the most comprehensive and the first only 100% free professional tool to optimize and tweak Windows Vista on the market. Backup, import and restore The new backup and import and restore function makes it easy to save you registry

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Tweak-SSD 1.0.3: Everything you need to optimize your SSD drive on Windows 7 or 8

Tweak-SSD 1.0.3

The original Tweak-SSD: Everything you need to optimize your SSD drive on Windows 7 or 8 * Optimize and tweak your Windows 7 or Windows 8 for a better performance of your SSD drive * Includes several tweaks that will optimize your SSD drive, making it even faster and reducing read and write access * Intuitive tweaking wizard guiding you from one tweak to the other, suggesting the best settings * Designed especially for Windows 7 + 8

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PC Tweaker 2.20: Using PC Tweaker you can improve software and internet connection productivity.

PC Tweaker 2.20

Tweaker is aimed to tweak your PC and internet settings to the maximum productivity. Using PC Tweaker you can easily enforce software productivity by memory management optimization. Your applications and games will run faster if you launch it using optimized shortcut. You can also increase internet connection quality and speed using internet settings tweaker. MAIN FEATURES: * Your games and software will launch and work faster with PC Tweaker memory

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WINner Tweak 3 3.9.5: WINner Tweak is a tools suite for tweaking, optimizing and tuning of Windows.

WINner Tweak 3 3.9.5

WINner Tweak is a tools suite for tweaking, optimizing and tuning of Windows XP/2003/2000. It helps you increase performance and manage your system using various tweaks and utilities for settings including Windows, Hardware, Security, Network and Software. In addition to the tweaks, the program also offers several additional tools (Power Utilities).

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Tweaki/FileName Pro Bundle 1.2

Tweaki/FileName Pro bundle: Tweaki puts several Windows utilities into one easy to use program while adding hundreds of additional tweaks not found in other system tweakers. Tweaki exposes Windows optimizations that make your computer run and boot faster, secure your computer from unauthorized access, tweak Microsoft Office and Internet Explorer, prevent access to web sites, stop downloading of files from the Internet, manage your Internet Explorer

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Tweak-XP Pro 4.0.11

xplorer Pop-Up Windows. Tweak-XP has a pre-defined list of ad and pop-up servers whose banners and pop-ups simply won`t be loaded when you`re running Internet Explorer. While Windows XP includes the ability to perform simple ZIP file functions, Tweak-XP lets you check the integrity of ZIP files, and repair damaged archives. You can even convert simple ZIP archives into auto-extracting files. Tweak-XP includes hardware tweaks for the most popular

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TweakMASTER 3.14: Optimize your Internet connection for faster downloads with Cable/DSL and dialup

TweakMASTER 3.14

TweakMASTER promotes faster Internet download speeds by carefully and intelligently tweaking numerous key Windows settings to provide a substantially faster Internet experience. It is easy to use and requires no special computer knowledge. No matter what speed you connect at or what other utilities you may have tried, nothing will provide a FASTER Internet connection for you than TweakMASTER... guaranteed! TweakMASTER can substantially improve your

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TZ PC System Tune Modify software, hardware, or other settings that affect how the system works.

TZ PC System Tune

Tweaks, download updates, and set PC System Tune for Windows preferences. It will also provide you with information about PC System Tune for Windows Warranties and Support as well as a list of the currently available Tweaks.PC System Tune for Windows uses a Windows-XP interface to provide you access to over 300 Tweaks for the Microsoft Windows operating systems. These tweaks can be applied to Windows core operating system features.The simple user

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PC Security Tweaker 9.7: PC security tweaking software you can use to tweak Windows-based computers.

PC Security Tweaker 9.7

Tweaker is a security tweaking utility you can use to tweak Windows-based computers. It is compatible with all Windows versions and lets you control which users are allowed to access your PC and the level of access each user may have. You can choose to tweak access to lots of Control Panel applet functions, including Display, Network, Passwords, Printers, System, Add/Remove Programs, etc. You can enforce users to use separate system profile folders

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